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World of Warcraft – The Best MMORPG Ever Made

World of Warcraft is the largest and most successful Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ever made with over 11 million players worldwide. At the time of its production there were lots of jokes from competitors at the games expense because it seemed that the game will never be released due to its very long production time. They were also saying that the game was looking like a cartoon and that there was no room for a game of that type in the market. Since the games release they are not laughing any more and instead wondering why did the game become such a huge hit.

Blizzard has made a high quality product once again. They guys at blizzard have created games with huge communities already in the past such as Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. The reason for Blizzard’s success is because they put a ton of work into each of its products, there is no magic formula.

There are two main factions in world of warcraft and those are Horde and Alliance. Horde consists of Orcs, Trolls, Undead and Taurens and the Alliance gives you the choice between Humans, Dwarfs, Night Elfs and Gnomes. Each race is slightly different and offers various bonuses, and other than the visual appearance of the character regardless of what race you pick it wont have an impact on your character class. Many of the classes are shared, few of them are faction specific. Every class in world of warcraft has its advantages.

Once you create your character and start playing you will immediately notice the cartoonish and colorful graphics. There are many different locations in the game ranging from forests to deserts and any other location in between you can imagine. World of warcraft looks very similar if not exactly like Warcraft III, but there is nothing wrong with that since Warcraft III had already proven to be a success why reinvent the wheel. The other good thing regarding the graphics is that it doesn’t have high system requirements.

After playing a bit you’ll soon realise that the quest system in world of warcraft is one of the best usages of questing for any game ever released. With each quest you’ll discover different locations and advance to higher level areas on the map. Quests are usually divided into categories which will certainly be familiar to you. Apart from the quests you can always research the world or kill any monster that you find in your way.

World of Warcraft also gives you the option to choose a profession. Having a profession can be really helpful in terms of income or by crafting weapons for use in battles. However if you don’t feel like crating then you can always purchase items in the cities. The cities in world of warcraft are huge, and there you can find anything you want.

After you chose your class and profession and become familiar with the game than the fun really starts. The combat with either monsters or other players is what makes world of warcraft such an obsessive game. The only problem I found in the game are the overcrowded servers, because of that the game can sometimes become pretty laggy when you’re in a huge city. Since the game is constantly updated I’m sure that blizzard will manage to solve any issues they have.

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