Best Gaming Desktop PCs – The Best PCs in Everything

Some of the best gaming desktops aren’t only best at gaming; they also come equipped with enough technology to handle other major applications as well. These desktops can be used at pretty much anything that comes to mind, whether it’s graphic design, audio and video editing and other intensive apps that you might be throwing at it. Why is this? Since these PCs are considered to be high-end machines designed specifically for gaming, and since games are intensive apps that require a powerful processor, a large amount of RAM, a more than decent video card and a fast hard disk, you’ll surely be able to run any app that only requires one of these specs.

So here are a few of the specs you’ll find in gaming desktop PCs which address other applications just as seriously as they run games:


In a great gaming rig, there should be a powerful processor, like a quad-core for instance. Since most applications rely heavily on the amount of information that can be processed, having a high-end CPU means you’ll be able to run pretty much anything in the applications world without a glitch or anything. Newer processor models, such as the Sandy-Bridge line from Intel have the Hyper Threading technology built into them which allows each core to take on two separate instructions at the same time, thus meaning each core will act as two separate cores.

These processors are great for both gaming and work, so don’t hesitate when you run into a system configured with such a spec.

This line of processors also has the Turbo Boost technology which fires up the processor to maximum when it’s needed, but brings it to a 1.6GHz level when the system is idle, thus saving up on power.

Just remember, getting a new quad core processor with the Hyper Threading technology is like having an actual octo-core on your hands to launch any application you’ve ever wanted. Also, it’s the best choice for multi-tasking environments.

System Memory

System memory or RAM is usually present in a large amount in any true gaming desktop. This is to allow large amounts of information to be processed so a gaming system having at least a 4GB of RAM configuration could also be used in graphic design for instance. Since many graphic designers work with a whole suite of programs and run more than one at a time, such a configuration is truly welcome in their work area.

A large amount of system memory installed in a computer means more applications can be run at the same time, thus saving on time needed to get the work done.

Video Card

A dedicated video card is a must in any gaming desktop. This is because it will use its own dedicated memory, and shared system memory to run properly. Also, depending on the model and GPU speed, it will be able to display and calculate renderings much faster in 3D design environments. Some of the latest generation in nVidia and ATI cards allow up to six individual monitors to be used on a single system, so this is where the true power of multitasking can shine. You can open up a graphics design program and split it between several monitors, so one would hold the image itself, another would hold the tools and options, etc.

The possibilities to enrich workflow are truly unlimited in this case.

Such high-end graphics cards are also great for high resolution video watching, such as Blu-Ray HD quality movies. Some of them are also great to display true 3D movies and games, so the immersive experience gets even better.

The Best Games For the PlayStation Move

When I start think about the best games for PlayStation Move I have four that comes to my mind and they`re the ones I will reveal and discuss in this article. For those of you that don`t know what the PlayStation Move is so, I will briefly try to explain what a PlayStation Move is so, that everyone understands fully that it is an motion-sensing game controller platform for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console by Sony Computer Entertainment.

This is all made possible by using a handheld motion controller wand that is monitored and followed by camera mounted on PlayStation Move to capture all motion from sensors on the wand. That enough on how it works and let me get back to the four best games for the PlayStation Move and little information on each game.

Little Big Planet 2 is a puzzle-platforming game that has built-in functions that lets the players create all kinds of games which can be shared with others through the Little Big Planet network online. You can create a game by making enemies, hazardous obstacles and make many other difficult surroundings to spice up your game and then when you’re ready you can invite some friends to join in for more fun too! It is similar to Super Mario Bros. where the characters are jumping over all kind of stuff and enemies to finish the level then proceed to next level and this game goes 50 levels deep.

Killzone3 An epic cinematic war experience. Starting off from the end of Killzonne2 game the players continue the fight by a super special ops team against the seemingly non-preventable Helghast Empire. Along the way players will learn more than ever before about the furious Helghan culture, as well as become aware of an internal battle in their ranks that may prove to be an important weakness. The game features full PlayStation Move system integration throughout the game — including the Move and Navigational controllers. Additional features include: the ability to carry two primary weapons, new melee and jet pack functionality and online multiplayer support.

Sports Champion is an action -pack sports games that features six different competitive sports events to participate in like table tennis, gladiator, archery, volleyball, discs, golf, and bocce. Players get to choose to participate in one of the ten athletes in the different sporting events and it has a three different gameplay modes consisting of Free Play, Challenge Mode, and Championship Cup.

Free Play is where you learn and practice the games as a startup mode then proceeding to the Challenge mode where players get to compete in different events to battle to raise their scores, Champion Cup mode is where the player goes up against ten athletes for the World Olympic- like events to battle over the championship.

Sorcery is at the top of the list for being the best game for PlayStation Move in 2011. This game allows the players to become a wizard and use their wand to cast magical upgradeable spells and hundred different potions collected, earned or purchased in the game. Sorcery puts a magical wand in your hand to perform magical spells like ice, blunt force, and several fire casting abilities. This game is said to be released for sale on April 30 2011.

Best Games For Christmas 2010: These Are Set To Sell Out!

Looking for the best games for Christmas 2010? Thankfully there are some great ones to choose from this year! Christmas is always the perfect time for playing games, when the family don’t have to worry about school or work and can set their time aside for some good old fashioned fun!

The Top Gift For Glee Fans

The first game on the list is the Glee CD Board game. This has been touted as being one of the top Christmas sellers, by retailers like Kmart, so you can be sure that it’s going to be a popular choice for Christmas 2010.

So why has the Glee game made it into the best games for Christmas 2010 list? Simple! Glee really is the biggest show that we’ve seen in 2010, and there are Glee fans all over the world! This game will let you test your knowledge of the show, along with a CD that makes it more interactive and fun!

Learn Some New Tricks

If you want a fun game that will teach you some tricks – and is suitable for a huge variety of ages – then Cuponk will be it! The premise is simple – sink the ball into the bottom of the cup to make it look up. But the game itself is far from simple!

Cuponk comes in a few different versions, each of which includes a trick deck. These tricks are a variety of different ways to play the game, great for developing motor skills and things can even get creative when your kids start to invent new tricks themselves!

Another game along these lines that’s set to be one of the best games for Christmas 2010 is Loopz. Again, this is suitable for a wide age range of children. It’s designed around following light patterns as quickly as you can – it’s a lot harder and a lot more fun than it might look!

Challenge Yourself

Lastly we have a top game that will really prove a challenge for Christmas 2010: Perplexus. Read any Perplexus by PlaSmart review and you’ll realize that this is no ordinary game. It’s tough enough to keep both adults and kids occupied for hours on end, but not too tough that you’ll ever want to give up!

Choosing one of the best games for Christmas really is a great idea – after all, it’s always great to be able to spend time with the family, simply having fun! Choose one of the games listed above and you really can’t go wrong!

Golf is the Best Game Ever

Golf is a game that even amateurs can enjoy. It has come a long way in recent year. The technology has enhanced distance and accuracy. In addition, with different varies of golf courses, you can play anywhere that suits you. I prefer to play it on PC and/or game system, yet it is also nice to get out once in awhile to get some fresh air. The landscapes are very beautiful and relaxing. One marvels on rolling hills of grass, bordered by lovely flowers, with ponds, and those hated sand traps.

The money one spends, WOW!!

I was working in Florence, SC for a higher education institution and saw a patch of grass. The grass was making them 2 million dollars a year. The grass was designed to be drought tolerant for a golf course. I made a joke and said, “what if I took a tiller through there.” They said, “We will send you a bill.” Lol!!

Look at that fish…Most golf course do not permit fishing in their ponds. I have seen friends catch big fish in course that allow fishing. Always ask permission before fishing. You would not like being hit in the head with a golf ball. Lol!!

Sand traps…Even on my game system, I hate sand trap. You have to be very accurate or you will be suck there awhile. I saw this person on TV that seemed not to mind sand traps. He hit it off the opposite bank, over his head, and in the hole. WOW!!

Golf is the best…Because it is true America game. Where else would you make huge profits from hitting a ball into a hole in the ground? Only Americans can make money off something like this. Thanks for reading my article. For more information on how to make your golf game better, try these hyperlinks.

How to Bowl Your Best Game Ever

Regardless of your level of expertise, what all too many bowlers fail to recognize is the importance of your mental standpoint. You could have all the skill in the world and still fail to strike down a perfect game without the right mental preparation. Take a few minutes to read through our simple pointers and there is no doubt that you will be able to improve your technique and take your bowling abilities to the next level.

One of the paramount areas of interest when studying how you can improve your game pays attention to your character. Listen, you may actually be the best bowler at your local bowling alley, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn a few things from your fellow bowlers. Much has been gained by bowlers with an accepting character who were patient enough with to listen to their fellow bowlers when they had a new tip or trick they recently learned. This involves the power of collective genius, pooling the knowledge and experience of many to improve the abilities of individuals.

Self awareness is also a huge factor that you need to pay attention. In a sense, you need to be your own teacher and dissect your play. If you haven’t hit a strike in a few frames, instead of cursing yourself or your ball, try and take a microscopic look at what’s different about your current play and the usual level you perform at. Pay attention to how your arm feels before and after the swing, look at how your body posture is after your delivery, and be conscious of your thoughts before you let go of the ball. This may also require you to be a bit humble and openly admit to yourself that there are some things you need to improve.

Control your emotions. While it’s easy to assume that we can instantly relax because we’re playing at our favorite sport, the stresses of the day can often have a residual effect which can be harmful to the quality of your game. Do your best to control your emotions and calm yourself all the way through. Don’t let outside worries affect your game. Instead, take a few deep breaths before you even step on to the lane. Then do a calm mental inventory of proper bowling techniques as you square up on your spot. This will not only remind you of the right things to do during your delivery, it will also help distract your mind from the day’s stresses and worries.

Why Optimizing Your Business With Collaboration Tools Is the Best Game Ever

A business owner who uses their collaboration tools for business like a game will gain more ground in the market place then those businesses that do not use them in this fashion. This mentality allows a business owner to find new ways to reinvent their business all the time, and allows them to be constantly moving and changing direction where other companies are mostly staying the same. The ability of a business to be fast and change directions will make them the market leader in a niche.

1. Collaboration tools allow a company owner to always be optimizing their systems for speed and effectiveness.

An owner always needs to be re-evaluating their processes and how they work together to make the business profitable and effective. This mentality of continuous improvement will cause the business to always be at the forefront of a market. The target market learns that the business is on the cutting edge of the market and will look to them for innovations before they look anywhere else. This is an advantage when releasing products. The target market will learn to look to the business first when they look for a product to solve their problem. This will achieve the top of mind awareness that any business wants to achieve in the marketplace.

2. Collaboration tools allow a business owner to always be pushing to release a new product at a faster speed

Releasing products or services at a high speed is what gives a business superior market research. Most companies put all their time and effort into a product or service without knowing if that product or service will sell. A business can get a tremendous amount of market research by making a smaller model of the product or service before rolling out the bigger version. This ability allows a business to figure out what will sell and what will not. The products or services that sell are the products and services that a company focuses on. These are the products and services that deserve the attention of the business and those that do not sell are archived and bundled together to make super products or services. Just building products, services, and delivering them to the market place will allow a company to find products and services that are six figures to seven figure products and services. The best way to find these products is faster collaboration between the workers in an enterprise.

3. Figure out what parts of the business need optimization and what parts are reacting well to the optimization

Lastly, the mentality of optimization will reveal what parts of a business need work and what parts are working well. The truth of the matter is that most owners do not pay attention to these areas of their business and this is why their businesses do not make more money. Optimizing the parts of a business that are not doing well is a major part of being a successful business owner. The company(and the owner) should always be growing together. This means that the business owner learns new skills and new ways of dealing with problems that they can use in the future on other businesses.

In closing, every business owner should look at his or her business like a game and play to optimize every funnel and process in that business. They should ruthlessly find ways of making things faster and more efficient. They should enjoy this process and learn more about how and what they do. Any business that wants to be the market leader in a niche should always play the optimization part of making their business like a game.

World of Warcraft – The Best MMORPG Ever Made

World of Warcraft is the largest and most successful Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ever made with over 11 million players worldwide. At the time of its production there were lots of jokes from competitors at the games expense because it seemed that the game will never be released due to its very long production time. They were also saying that the game was looking like a cartoon and that there was no room for a game of that type in the market. Since the games release they are not laughing any more and instead wondering why did the game become such a huge hit.

Blizzard has made a high quality product once again. They guys at blizzard have created games with huge communities already in the past such as Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. The reason for Blizzard’s success is because they put a ton of work into each of its products, there is no magic formula.

There are two main factions in world of warcraft and those are Horde and Alliance. Horde consists of Orcs, Trolls, Undead and Taurens and the Alliance gives you the choice between Humans, Dwarfs, Night Elfs and Gnomes. Each race is slightly different and offers various bonuses, and other than the visual appearance of the character regardless of what race you pick it wont have an impact on your character class. Many of the classes are shared, few of them are faction specific. Every class in world of warcraft has its advantages.

Once you create your character and start playing you will immediately notice the cartoonish and colorful graphics. There are many different locations in the game ranging from forests to deserts and any other location in between you can imagine. World of warcraft looks very similar if not exactly like Warcraft III, but there is nothing wrong with that since Warcraft III had already proven to be a success why reinvent the wheel. The other good thing regarding the graphics is that it doesn’t have high system requirements.

After playing a bit you’ll soon realise that the quest system in world of warcraft is one of the best usages of questing for any game ever released. With each quest you’ll discover different locations and advance to higher level areas on the map. Quests are usually divided into categories which will certainly be familiar to you. Apart from the quests you can always research the world or kill any monster that you find in your way.

World of Warcraft also gives you the option to choose a profession. Having a profession can be really helpful in terms of income or by crafting weapons for use in battles. However if you don’t feel like crating then you can always purchase items in the cities. The cities in world of warcraft are huge, and there you can find anything you want.

After you chose your class and profession and become familiar with the game than the fun really starts. The combat with either monsters or other players is what makes world of warcraft such an obsessive game. The only problem I found in the game are the overcrowded servers, because of that the game can sometimes become pretty laggy when you’re in a huge city. Since the game is constantly updated I’m sure that blizzard will manage to solve any issues they have.

Is Rock Band the Best Video Game Ever Made?

The new Beatles Rock Band release has gotten me back into Rock Band. Not just the new version, but the original version too. This is such an amazingly well thought out game that I have to wonder if it’s the best video game ever made.

Not only is the music phenomenal, but it really does sound like the original compositions. From the background music to the guitar riffs to the voices singing the songs, everything in the game is just about spot on.

Then there’s the whole world tour mode. It genuinely makes you feel like you’re part of a band in the midst of a world tour, traveling the world to win the approval of fans in all kinds of different cities and countries. While the set lists can sometimes be really long and tedious, it’s really rewarding once you finish.

Some of the standout songs on the first version if the game included “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer (a great song for beginners), “Creep” by Radiohead, and Green Grass and High Tides, the game’s most difficult song, and probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever been asked to complete in a video game. I still can’t complete it on expert mode after months of trying for it.

In my opinion, Rock Band is the best video game ever made. From the guitar to the great drum set and the vocal element, groups of friends can have fun playing this game for months.

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island – One of the Best Video Games Ever Made – FACT

Where do I begin with this one…. Well Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island was the sequel to the original and first Super Nintendo Game, Super Mario World. In fairness Super Mario World was such a hit and a world leader in the video game industry for this time and any sequel would have been hard to beat the original and most game producers may have steered away from doing a sequel for fear that it would be a flop.

Luckily this was not the case! Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island is one of the best Super Nintendo games of all time and in my opinion one of the best video games ever released for any console.

You can still pick this game up today, it is extremely rare and the game cartridge on its own can fetch up to £15 on the net, fully boxed you can expect to pay anything up to £25 depending on condition.

The story of the game is that you play as Yoshi, and you have to reunite baby Mario with baby Luigi. Don’t let the lame story line confuse you, this game is excellent.

The colorful backgrounds, massive levels, hidden secrets and amazing music make this game a real legend. The graphics are crystal clear and up there with the best Snes games. Similar to other Mario games the worlds are set out with 8 levels in each world and with each world containing two castles (the last one containing an end of level boss to defeat)

Unlike other Mario games the main ‘baddy’ is Kamek.. an evil magician who has in fact kidnapped Luigi. This is a nice touch away from it being Bowser…. However, Bowser does feature in the game and you will face him at some point in your travels… needless to say it wont be easy to get past him!

Even though I have owned this game for nearly 12 years I still play it and have just as much fun as I did when I first brought it.

In order to write a review I have to be critical… but I can only think of one thing which goes against this game and that is the annoying noise that happens each time that you are struck by an enemy. Being struck will make baby Mario fall off of your Yoshi character. Baby Mario will then cry like……. well, like a baby!! He will float around in a bubble crying until your character can make contact with him or pop the bubble with a Yoshi egg.

As previously mentioned the music is amazing, the under ground level is my favourite, it has such crystal clear music which suits the surroundings of the levels and the environments within the level itself.

The graphics are top notch and I would go out on a limb and say that apart from maybe Donkey Kong Country 3 is the best graphics found on the Super Nintendo.

All in all Yoshi’s Island is one of the greatest games EVER and is probably the best for the SNES and is a definite for collectors.

Best Gaming Laptops – 4 Essential Minimum Requirements

When you look at all the choices that you have when it comes to the best gaming laptops, you’re going to find a plethora of options from all sorts of different companies. Everyone today seems to want to be getting into the gaming world, especially since gamers continually upgrade, purchase, and use their equipment. The reason for this is because video game developers appear to be one step ahead of the technology, and gamers always scramble to keep up. This is often times seen in the way video cars are released, with more and more powerful options being released to the general public. Many video cards coming completely equipped with fans to cool off just the card, which can be confusing for some. Now, before you end up confused as to what to choose next, consider the 4 essential minimum requirements that you’ll need for deciphering which is the best of the crop for your gaming needs.

Video Card – Your video card delivers the best graphics possible, and getting the best option here is going to mean that you can play the latest games at the fastest speeds. Combine a good graphics card with a good processor and you have a winning combination that will not cease to impress you. This will exponentially raise the cost of your laptop, but if you want ultimate performance, go with a dedicated card that is NOT integrated into the motherboard. It has to be a stand-alone component that can be taken out and upgraded if need be.

Screen Size – If you’re looking at the best gaming laptops in the industry, you’re going to enjoy the greatness that comes from no less than 17″ of screen. You have to get 17″ and if that’s not enough, go with something bigger, if you find it. You absolutely have to go with a 17″ screen, and if you can’t afford it, choosing a smaller option is plausible, but it won’t deliver the same kind of resolution or clarity that the larger option can.

RAM – There are a lot of different ways to look at this, but you will have to agree that a large amount of RAM will allow you to play games fast. Without a large amount you won’t be able to play games online nearly as fast, and you won’t be able to run the latest games. Make sure you don’t go with anything less than 4 gigs.

Optical Drive – The latest games are coming out in high definition and are utilizing the latest Blu-ray formatting. Make sure you have a Blu-ray option and make sure it’s up to par with writing and rewriting. Having the fastest drive means that you can get into a new game faster than ever, assuming you’re not going to purchase a download from the official manufacturers site. Even if you buy the game, you can download and then burn it to a disc for a back up.

One last note, make sure that when you look at the best gaming laptops, you set aside a good budget. You don’t want to be spending far too much money on a lackluster option, make sure you’re OK with the price of the computer you buy, and you’ll be in gaming heaven.

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